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REPORT September 2015

The Noosa area remains very attractive for buyers who are generally “not interested in setting records”. As previously reported sensible prices are being accepted and the volume of sales in this area is very high . With the low interest rates regime ruling for some time yet ,stock market uncertainty and the very low dollar making overseas travel less comfortable for many, property investment destinations such as Noosa will flourish. The occupancy rate has probably been assisted by the “virtual closure” of the Palmer Resort at Colum which used to soak up some 600/700 guests at any one time – many of those guests are now in the Noosa area.

In the last quarter this office has assisted sales for purchasers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Fingal Head in N.S.W. and Noosa Heads. All purchases went smoothly and we have assisted with getting quality tenants for 3 of the properties.


Much has happened since the last report and for many most of what has happened has been "trying "to say the least. As always, in the more pressing times there are many that are able to take advantage and this period is certainly one of those. In the Noosa Heads area there have been quite a good number of sales ,however, it would come as no surprise that most of those sales were at a comfortable price for the buyers. It is still a buyers market and every indication is that it will remain that way for some time to come. However, we must never discount the capacity of well located and historically strong property to bounce back reasonably quickly when some factors come into play. Factors such as interest rates (mentioned in the previous report as possibly decreasing and now we have seen the first of maybe 2 or 3 over the next 6 months or so), our dollar value against the U.S. dollar (lower dollar means fewer people travel offshore and it should come back as our interest rates recede). Additionally, this may not be a significant factor but it is clear to us that uncertainty about our current Government is also leading to leading to caution in many sectors -not the least of which is speculation in the property market. All things change and unless this is the end of the world as we know it, so will property values and the time to purchase will have passed you by. I am presently assisting an offshore purchaser with a significant Noosa commercial acquisition and have negotiated the sale of an iconic Noosa development site over the past few weeks. The point is - some have recognised" the moment". You can be one of them.



The past 3 months have been very eventful –unfortunately most of the events have not been uplifting for many people in Queensland. The cyclones/floods/torrential rain in many parts of the state have seen a drop in all tourism related activities, however, the medium to longer term outlook is still very promising for both the tourism and property industries. A major marketing campaign aimed at potential tourists has begun and there is already a significant increase in forward bookings throughout the state. Naturally, that eventually impacts on the property market. The strong Australian dollar has seen many people travel overseas over the last few months but this exodus will not necessarily continue on an annual basis for most travellers. It is reasonable to expect that the dollar will not be at this level 12 months from now as the economy in the United States continues its slow but reasonably certain resurgence. That resurgence coupled with probable interest rate drops in Australia some time in that period will drop the dollar and make overseas travel less attractive. The lending institutions have plenty of money to loan at the moment and are gradually loosening the purse strings. Of course, there is some” crystal balling “here but mainly common sense is required to see the unparalleled opportunities that currently exist in this local property market. In Noosa Heads the beach is still great as is the National Park, shops, restaurants etc., yet prices being sought for properties are probably at the bottom of this troubled period. It is our experience that tells us that if we try to pick the absolute bottom and the absolute top in the property market, bargains will elude us and we get disappointed with the sell price- sometimes these extremes only last a month or so-why take the risk? There is quality buying available now for upscale developers stock, and waterfront homes. We look forward to talking to you soon.

Fourth Quarter Property Report 2010

2010 has proved to be an interesting year for the Noosa property market. Following an encouraging start, things seemed to cool down throughout the middle of the year however in the last 6 weeks or so it has shown signs of warming up again as more sellers appear to have accepted that Noosa property values have not increased at their historical rate. This is due to the sluggish global economy and the general unwillingness of banks to be involved with developers, investors and small business owners.
Another feature is the increasing amount of high end mortgagee in possession sales at present. This clearly illustrates the genuine current financial climate and the effect it has had on all spectrums of society. Furthermore, the volume of mortgagee properties on the market would only indicate to us that the banks are still valuing properties under their initial valuations. Our resources sector may be booming but its flow on effect seems to have hit a dam wall in many parts of the country
So, it seems that those with cash to spare (e.g. self managed super funds or a strong borrowing position) are clearly well placed to take advantage. As stated earlier, there has been a marginal increase in both activity and sales as major developments are entertaining meeting the market and spending plenty on marketing.
We have been very fortunate over the past few months to be able to complete some very good deals for our buyers. Being on the ground and getting a lot of “inside information” has been extremely helpful for our clients. Please look through our most recent testimonials.


April 2010

Following an encouraging start to 2010, the Sunshine Coast property market appears to have stabilized. Meanwhile, real estate sales numbers coming from the Southern states have been very strong with both Sydney and Melbourne recording auction clearance rates between 65% and 75% in the last 3 months.
Here on the Sunshine Coast, the auction method of sale seems to be the flavour of the month and we definitely agree it is the way to go when moving from suburb to suburb.  Notwithstanding some exceptional websites, it might just be that Noosa and its surrounding property areas are not really exposed to the greatest numbers of potential buyers as most of our buying pool is only here for approximately 7 days- often without a vehicle to see the “For Auction” signs. Realistically, it is asking a lot to coincidentally have a buyer in town when the auction is being conducted.
Interest rates are still dominating the headlines and as suggested in previous reports have continued to rise with one of the ‘Major 4’ banks hinting that in future they will ignore the official rate set by the Reserve Bank and increase the rate when they see fit.  Everyone is aware that rates will increase further so it does seem that it would be prudent to lock in the best rate as soon as possible.
The Sunshine Coast appears to be perfectly positioned for good buying right NOW. If you are considering acquiring residential or commercial property on the Coast let us help you. We can be your eyes and ears all day every day - currently there are some very good opportunities.


October 2009 Report

Stronger figures through all sectors have seen the Australian property market not only hold firm over the last month but return its biggest monthly increase for the last 4 years. Auction clearance rates, sales volumes, and most importantly, housing prices have all been on the rise.Investors are slowly but surely taking up a position in the market place. All this positive news does not seem to have affected the lending houses tight credit policies for the building industry as many developers are finding it near impossible to obtain finance for new projects. With interest rates at an all time low and almost certain increases on the horizon now is the time developers need to be landbanking and/or getting approvals for new developments - this is not happening. The price pressure on exisiting stock as the slack gets taken up over the next 18 months or so will be very significant. Noosa Heads itself has at least 3 major developments at or near completion and as stock is reduced builders need to continue supply, however, there is only one smaller development that has approval ready to meet future demand. So, what does this mean for buyers now? One has to reason that the next 18 to 24 months can only mean an increase for property prices on the Sunshine Coast as the current stock diminishes. The basic rule of supply and demand surely must be brought into any buyers calculations. If you are considering purchasing then it's unlikely that there will be a better time - we can help you.


September 2009

Activity in this area has accelerated over the past few weeks, however, that does not automatically mean sales have been made in significant numbers. Many buyers are still generally unconvinced that all circumstances are absolutely in place to 'take the plunge'. Uncertainty about interest rate movements, prices being sought by sellers, availability of credit and the short to medium term prospects of capital growth are all factors inhibiting sales (Noosa Heads is not a first home buyers market generally, so the substantial growth in this area does not apply) More than anytime in the past 30 years a considered and professional approach needs to be adopted by buyers.  

Market Report

MARKET REPORT January 2019

Wishing all clients (past and future) a healthy, and happy 2019.

For many 2018 was a year to take advantage in the property market in this area – not quite the same South of the border for a lot of folk. Nevertheless, most buyers here were considering very long term tenure – the days of the quick “on-sell” are limited if this is the area under consideration.

Whilst the stock available is generally of good quality, the numbers are low – there has to be some diligent searching and patience needs to be a requirement for serious buyers. The chances are very slim that the place that suits you is available at the time you decide to look closely at the market.

The Noosa Heads area should proceed fairly comfortably this year as interest rates remain stable, unemployment figures strong etc. The unknown , of course, is a probable Government change in the first half of the year and the proposed tightening of incentives for investors in property and shares.

This past year I have had buyers from Sydney,Melbourne, Perth and Singapore – all took weeks and in 2 cases several months to find the appropriate property. Time is just too hard to find for so many people today so that’s where I can assist. I do have the time and experience to be your best property asset. Do consider it.

Bob Goode



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